February 11, 2009

Carter Being "Nice"

Right now, Carter is going through a hitting phase. One child at his daycare hits and kicks when she doesn't get her way, and so Carter is picking up on it. Fantastic! :( So, he has carried the hitting over to the dogs. Chance and Wrigley are very tolerant and patient with Carter. So, we are trying to teach Carter to be "nice" to the puppies. This is Carter being "nice". He gently pets the dogs and says "Nice" as he does it. It is rather cute, although the look on Wrigley's face is telling me that he doesn't have food so he shouldn't be touching me! Now, Carter is petting everything (including mom and dad) and saying "Nice". Maybe he will start being "nice" to the kids at daycare when he doesn't get his way :)

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Brian and Katie Whitt said...

hey! i'm sorry that we couldn't get together when David and I were in Orlando earlier this week! maybe next time!