September 22, 2009

Birthday Number 2

Today is Carter's 2nd birthday!  I can't believe that is has been two years already!  We celebrated last weekend with our friends Ryan and Kelly.  They got Carter his "game shirt" which he wants to wear everyday.  Steve LOVES this present.
This past weekend, we celebrated with family.  All grandparents and uncles were at our house to celebrate.  Carter got lots of Go, Diego, Go toys, a basketball hoop, and a tricycle.  I also made a Rescue Pack birthday cake, and Carter recognized it was a Rescue Pack :)

Today, we took Carter to Sea World.  He has been talking about "Shampoo" for about a month now.  He sat through both the sea otter and lion show and the Shamu show.  We also saw other animals around the park.  I love the off season because we made it through the whole park in 4 hours.  Then, it was time for ice cream at Friendly's!  All in all, a wonderful day!  Happy Birthday, Carter!

Saying Hi to Shamu.  Carter wouldn't get too close though. 

Feeding the dolphins with Mommy

Eating birthday ice cream at Friendly's

Passed out with his Rescue Pack

September 10, 2009

Quick Update

Well, we have been back to work for the past three weeks, and I feel completely swamped. I have kids at all different grade levels, and I feel like I am never caught up. But, we are trying to spend each moment we can with Carter. Starting next week, Steve starts working 4 nights after teaching and all day Saturday. It's going to be a rough three months with him gone so much. But, maybe I will have time to update you with pictures. :)

Carter turns 2 on the 22nd. We are planning just a family party with his new favorite show as the theme--"Go, Diego, Go!". Wow, he is obsessed. We have had to limit his Diego time to one show a day or else he would sit in front of the TV the entire time when he is home. He even has a Build-a-Bear that is "Baby Jaguar" that he takes with him everywhere.

Some adorable things he is doing now...
Each time we drive by a McDonald's he says "There's Old McDonalds"
Shamu's real name is "Shampoo"
He can throw a ball in the air and hit it with a bat (which is amazing!) but he can't take off his clothes, which is probably a good thing.
He tells us daily that "Carter's birthday coming up". We finally have him convinced that he is turning 2, not 3 or 4.
He is obsessed with baseball and has taught himself to slide across our living room.
He LOVES rocks, and keeps a bowl of rocks he collects to take to the boat to throw in the water.
He wants a bike, although he can't ride one yet. :)
He is growing up too fast....

I will post pictures soon, I promise.