February 11, 2009

Carter Being "Nice"

Right now, Carter is going through a hitting phase. One child at his daycare hits and kicks when she doesn't get her way, and so Carter is picking up on it. Fantastic! :( So, he has carried the hitting over to the dogs. Chance and Wrigley are very tolerant and patient with Carter. So, we are trying to teach Carter to be "nice" to the puppies. This is Carter being "nice". He gently pets the dogs and says "Nice" as he does it. It is rather cute, although the look on Wrigley's face is telling me that he doesn't have food so he shouldn't be touching me! Now, Carter is petting everything (including mom and dad) and saying "Nice". Maybe he will start being "nice" to the kids at daycare when he doesn't get his way :)

February 1, 2009

First Hair Cut

It seems that I only post about once a month. Life has been crazy here. With both of us working, and Steve working a second job, there isn't much time for blogging. I finally get about one hour to myself at 8:00pm, and the last thing I want to do is sit in front of the computer. I will try to be more frequent though.

This weekend, Carter got his first "official" hair cut. I have cut, more like butchered, his hair up until this point, but now it was time for a real one. We have tried for two weeks to get his haircut. One weekend he was sick, and the other weekend there was no time between planned events.
The hair on the back of his head was so long, and I don't know how to cut it. He also has his daddy's double cowlicks. Lucky boy. It went much better than expected. He only whimpered a little with his bottom lip stuck out, which he is famous for with those that know him. And, he got a sucker, which he got two licks of before I panicked and took it away.

Trying to figure out what she just put on him. She was very good. She gave him a brush and a water bottle to hold, although after a few seconds, he told Daddy "All Done" in a sad voice and handed them back.

Not so happy about this!

Look at how long his hair is over his ears and on the back of his head. She probably cut about 3-4 inches off the back. It was long from his cowlicks down. I kept the back of his neck short. His bangs were in his eyes, and he had to look up to see anything.

Almost done...Such a handsome boy with Mommy!

Florida Winter

So we have been having some pretty cold temperatures here in Florida. The other morning, we woke up to ice. We only get ice here about twice a year, if that.

My husband, who is from Alaska, was a little worried because we don't own ice chippers for the windshield. (I didn't even know they made ice chippers). All it took was to turn the defroster on for a few minutes, and the ice melted. I took some pictures for all of you up North to see. Yes, there is ice in the pictures.
Steve's truck with ice on the windshield and hood.
Ice on my Explorer.

One lonely bush outside covered in ice.
At least this year Steve remembered to turn off the sprinklers. During our one freeze last year, Steve ran the sprinklers that night. We had a lovely ice kingdom in our front yard, and some few dying plants. :) Today, it is about 65 degrees and we are in jeans and sweaters. Can't wait for it to warm up!