April 11, 2009

Free Babysitters

Steve and I have been very busy these past two months, and Carter has spent three weekends with his grandparents Meeks. Here are the bad habits I have to undo when he returns...My parents feed him Chef Boy-r-dee out of the can and let him drink Diet Coke...Give him way too many Oreo cookies...
Take him to the toy store and get him addicted to $300 power cars (which they don't buy him)...

Put glasses on him, so now he wants his own pair....

And somehow, manage to have him fall asleep in his stroller-something Carter won't do for Steve and I anymore.
In all honesty, my parents are great babysitters, and do it all on their very tiny living space in the boat with three dogs running around. This is quite a task since Carter NEVER stops moving.
They do feed him on a plate, but he is addicted to Diet Coke thanks to Granddaddy. He only gets a couple cookies a day, but he drinks a lot of chocolate milk at their house. He is addicted to driving fast cars and has learned all the buttons on the Mercedes my parents drive. And, we can't find sunglasses to fit Carter's head because it's too big! Carter loves the boat, and we hear how he wants "Dada take big truck to boat" almost every day. I know he is completely spoiled with them, but that's what grandparents are for, I guess. :)


Over our Spring Break, we wanted to take Carter to Sea World. However, when we got close to the theme park, it took over ONE HOUR to drive half a mile, and we never even made it to the entrance. We could only imagine the amount of people that would be in the park that day, so we nixed the idea and headed to Gatorland.
All those things in there are alligators. This is a normal scene from any lake near us. Well, maybe not as many, but we do see them all the time. For example, whenever we cross the Lake Jessup bridge, we count how many alligators we see in the lake and on shore. My highest count has
been 12.

This is what an alligator will do to you if you mess with it :) This was too cute for us to pass up. Carter and Daddy with the alligators. It was 68 degrees out that day, cold for Florida in April. However, the next day I was wearing shorts and it was around 80 degrees.

Carter is going to be an alligator wrestler one day. They actually have alligator wrestling at Gatorland, but Carter wasn't in the mood to watch it. I've seen the show before, and they do not tape their mouths shut. It's pretty wild.

Our family outside the original entrance. Carter climbed all over the teeth and had a meltdown when we moved him out of the way so other people could take pictures. Ahh, life with an 18 month old.