October 23, 2008

Carter's Accidents

Carter has been walking for about a month now, but he is still extremely clumsy. Of course, when he falls, he chooses to fall near sharp corners, tables, or head first. At daycare, he fell and bumped his right eye on a table. His eye swelled up pretty good, but not too much damage was done. Then, the following day, he decided to climb up on our fireplace and crawl around smiling at me as in "look what I'm doing, even though I'm not allowed". He then proceeded to get down from the fireplace head first. This escalated the bump into a nice shiner. The next day, we headed to NY for my cousin's wedding where family pictures would be taken. And, Carter has a exquisite black eye.

When we returned from NY, Carter ran into another table at daycare and scratched underneath is other eye. The next day, he gave himself a nice bump on the head when he fell into the steps that lead to the sink at daycare. Steve and I have decided that Carter needs excellent health insurance with a low deductible.

Look closely his right eye (the left side of the picture). It is multi-colored...blue, black, green, and brown.

Carter & Erin's First Fall

This month, we attended my cousin Becky's wedding in Swain, New York. We spent four days at my aunt and uncle's home in Rochester, where we spent lots of time with family. The weather was gorgeous, nice and cool for us Florida people. Since Florida only has two seasons-summer and winter-this was the first time that I had seen fall leaves. Our leaves in Florida go from bright green to nasty brown in a matter of weeks--no in between stages. I was the crazy person walking through the neighborhood taking pictures of individual trees. We took so many pictures, but here are the best ones.

Here is just one picture of a tree. I think I have over 20 pictures of trees.

This was the backdrop for my cousin's wedding. Her pictures are going to be absolutely beautiful. It took us many shots to get Carter to look at the camera, but the fingers won't come out of his mouth.

For the entire wedding ceremony, Carter sat on the ground, hit the ground and chairs with his bat, and ate Gerber Graduates and Goldfish.

This is how my cousin entered her wedding--on a ski lift. It was really neat. Guests could either take a tractor hay ride or the ski lift to the wedding ceremony. We chose the ski lift. :)

After the wedding, we put Carter in a "hay pile" (aka: dried up grass clippings). He hated it. This is him rolling around trying to get away from it.

After the wedding, Steve and I had a "brilliant" parent moment. We decided to take Carter back down the mountain on the ski lift. Horrible idea...Carter enjoyed about 2 minutes of it, and then, he wanted "down". Well, you can't just get down off a ski lift. So, 20 minutes later of Steve holding on to Carter who is bucking like a bull, and me singing songs to Carter to keep him somewhat calm, we made it to the bottom. I still have nightmares about it.