September 10, 2009

Quick Update

Well, we have been back to work for the past three weeks, and I feel completely swamped. I have kids at all different grade levels, and I feel like I am never caught up. But, we are trying to spend each moment we can with Carter. Starting next week, Steve starts working 4 nights after teaching and all day Saturday. It's going to be a rough three months with him gone so much. But, maybe I will have time to update you with pictures. :)

Carter turns 2 on the 22nd. We are planning just a family party with his new favorite show as the theme--"Go, Diego, Go!". Wow, he is obsessed. We have had to limit his Diego time to one show a day or else he would sit in front of the TV the entire time when he is home. He even has a Build-a-Bear that is "Baby Jaguar" that he takes with him everywhere.

Some adorable things he is doing now...
Each time we drive by a McDonald's he says "There's Old McDonalds"
Shamu's real name is "Shampoo"
He can throw a ball in the air and hit it with a bat (which is amazing!) but he can't take off his clothes, which is probably a good thing.
He tells us daily that "Carter's birthday coming up". We finally have him convinced that he is turning 2, not 3 or 4.
He is obsessed with baseball and has taught himself to slide across our living room.
He LOVES rocks, and keeps a bowl of rocks he collects to take to the boat to throw in the water.
He wants a bike, although he can't ride one yet. :)
He is growing up too fast....

I will post pictures soon, I promise.

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