July 2, 2009

Random Pictures from the Past Few Months

Being mischievous on the fireplace. All dressed up to go to the boat. Granddaddy bought these shoes before Carter was born, so we squeezed his chubby feet in the one time.
We took a vacation to Cedar Key a few weeks ago. Here are the pictures from there...
Playing at the beach

Digging for treasure at Manatee Springs

Watching the sunset and throwing rocks into the water

Taking a walk through the nature trail in 105 degree heat!

Daddy and Carter eating watermelon. Carter had watermelon juice from head to toe.

While at Cedar Key, we went searching for sand dollars. We took a boat trip across the inter coastal (hence the life jacket on Carter) to a sandbar off a natural bird sanctuary island. Then, we swished out feet through the sand in about knee deep water searching for sand dollars. We found six of them. Two of the sand dollars are about six inches across!

Daddy and Carter at Manatee Springs. This is the face Carter makes when we say "smile". Hopefully, this will fade by two year pictures :)


Cortney said...

Such a little man!

Kristen said...

AHHH!! He is getting so big! What in the world!! Super cute!

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

what great memories - it looked like a nice vacation!